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123Movies free – If watching movies and TV shows are your pastime then you may be interested in knowing where you can stream them online or download for free. That’s right, what you just read is true, Movies and shows without paying a dime. How is it possible? Well, you may be familiar with torrent sites but we are not talking about them. Torrent sites can be a real pain as peer to peer sharing is not flexible enough and you can’t be certain of the security of the file you are downloading.


The seeding and leaching process of files with torrent format may not be for everyone who is accustomed to direct download experience and blazing speeds. What if it is possible to not only free download the same movies that you get via torrents but also watch them just like you do on YouTube? And with direct servers, you do not need to suffer all the torrent nonsense.

If you feel as though we are hyping some movie sites from somewhere in cyberspace please know that we are doing it for a good reason and purpose. You may know the site we are going to reveal or you may not know because you are new to free movie sites. Read about 123movies which is a gold mine for movie and TV show fans like you. We want you to know almost everything about 123movies and we are not capable of providing you an elaborate description here but we hope to cover concisely as much as we can. 

123 Movies Download Free

123movies download

As a free movie site that allows online streaming and downloading 123movies has gained quite a considerable recognition. The website is known for its pleasant and clean external design such as the user interface and navigation. You will not be perplexed when you begin to explore 123movies as the site architecture itself is neat and everything seems to be in order.

123 movies, unlike other free movie sites, are not barred by countless restrictions. Restrictions such as the limited quantity of movies and shows, low-quality definition videos, slow speeds, relentless advertisements, lack of integrity. 123movies is a solution for folks who are rather dissatisfied with paid movie sites like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and HBO Now. 123movies is known to offer its users the best server sources to watch and download movies in High definition.

123Movies Features

123 movies host a huge variety of movies and shows which are meticulously arranged under various labels or tags. The Homepage of the 123movies appears to be a synopsis of all movies and tv shows lending a glimpse to the universe of video content under its grasp. On the home page, you can filter content through ‘Hot’, ‘Top Favorite’, ‘Top Rating’, these labels appear in such sections like ‘Suggestion’,  and when you scroll down the home page you come across panels like Latest Movies and Latest Tv Series.

In the movie section of the home page of 123movies, you are given the option to pick various genres such as Action, Adventure, Comedy, Thriller, Romance, Horror, Mystery, etc. In the section of TV series, you can select various countries to which these different shows belong. You can further explore these sections by pressing the ‘View More’ button, located to the right of the screen.

How Can I search Movies in 132movies ?

The top panel of 123movies contains some important functions such as a button to create a user account, a search button to find your favorite media, a button to switch the theme color of the site, and also an expandable button. The expandable button on the top left corner is where you can engage in a deep exploration of movies and tv shows. For example, here you get a catalog of genres like the ones mentioned formerly.

In 123movies you can filter movie content by country and this means the site is open to worldwide productions. You get a separate section called TV series where you can exclusively find all sorts of shows. There is a special panel where you can only search for movies. Firs one of the last two buttons rates content according to IMDB classification such as ‘Top IMDB’. When you click the last button ‘A-Z’ you are directed to a page where every movie is categorized into alphabetic order. Here you can browse movies by letter.

How to Download Movies From 123Movies ?

Now it is time to get informed about what happens when you click on a thumbnail of 123movies. Just like any other movie site, you get a small clickable movie image with its title. When you click on it, you are directed to a page where you can either watch or download the movie. Please note that upon clicking on such a link you may not land on the resource page at once. Some ads cause redirections and this process can’t be avoided since you are a free user.

Anything has a downside and as users, these matters are common stuff. However, the best thing about 123movies is that ad interference is very low compared to other free sites. Just think of these ads as your payment for watching and downloading your favorite movie in HD quality. So, moving on, once you are on the video page you can see the description of the particular movie or TV series. There is also a button called ‘Trailer’ through which you can get a preview of the content. A trailer can be important as it shows off a façade of the movie you are going to watch.

Can I Download HD Movies From here ?

There is an advanced filter in 123movies which is supposed to facilitate users with deep digging tools. In this filter, you can sort a particular media by conditions such as ‘Latest’, ‘Most Viewed’, ‘Most Favorite’, ‘Most Rating’, and ‘Top IMDB’. You can choose ‘Film Type’ as ALL, Movies, TV Series. Getting the option to choose a particular movie or show by quality is also important. In the same filter section, you get a button labeled ‘Quality’, through this you can watch or download movies in various qualities such as VOD, TS, SD, HDTV, HDRIP, HDilly For, HD720p, HD720, HD TS, HD TC, HD Rip, HD CAM, HD 720p, HD 720, HD1080p, HD, CAM.

This kind of diversity enables users to pick the most appropriate quality to match their hardware requirements. The advanced filter of 123movies also comprises a comprehensive Genre categorization which seems to cover a broad range of thematic concepts.

As a free movie site, 123 movie impresses many a user with its versatility. Other sections of advanced filter convey an extensive list of countries from where different media content originates, for instance, the United States, Unite d Kingdom, Australia, Canada, etc. You can also browse movies by their release dates. 123movies offers media ranging from 1921 up to 2020. The timeline may appease a lot of diehard movie fans as they have access to both vintage and contemporary productions.

123Movies FAQs

Did 123movies get shut down?

123Movies announced they closed their app on 2018 march 19.

What’s the new website for 123movies?

123 Movies is the world number one movie downloading app, however, it has been closed last year, now you can download movies free from a lot of alternative movie apps, follow here and download your favorite movie app from here.

Where can I watch movies online for free?

you can watch movies online for free from a lot of safe movie apps such as moviebox pro, mediabox HD, zinitevi. follow our website to download those safe movies apps free.


As you can see there is a tremendous amount of benefits of becoming 123movie users. This site sounds as if it is very basic. You can’t, however, judge a site by its name, and 123movies is the prime example of that. The name of the website betrays the quality and the quantity of media content waiting to embrace all the movie lovers. There are other free sites with similar schemes of services, but still, none can surpass 123movies and what it has to offer.

You will be addicted to the site once you are in. Who doesn’t love to watch and download movies for free in this highly commercialized world? Why would you even bother to pay for movies when you can get them for free? Yes, that is the point. 123movies is safe and secure and you don’t need to worry about any breaches. There are lots of folks behind the upkeep of 123movie who work hard to ensure that everything is free and healthy. Please click the link below to visit 123movies.