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Streaming movie sites have become extremely popular nowadays. Most people prefer to watch movies and TV shows from these sites over other sources such as DVDs or downloading from torrent sites. These streaming websites cooperate with download managers to permit users to obtain media for offline viewing. Gone are the days when watching a movie could be a weary task because the means of getting such materials were not always easy; this is valid in the context of possessing a movie to enjoy in private at leisure. For that, you needed to pay for a DVD or Comb through best torrent sites and links to download online, and torrent downloading would give you anything but blazing network speeds.

123movies download

The circumstances evolved to give you direct streaming experience but subscriptions and membership fees seemed to stand in the way of a budget-conscious crowd of people. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, are some of these subscription-based direct streaming movie sites. Amidst these developments, free streaming movie sites arose with additional download support. Among them, 123Movies established itself as one of the giants in free movie streaming services.

What happened to 123movies?

The Most popular Movie app in world entertainment app list

123movies could attract 98 million users at its peak, a number which seemed to challenge other premium streaming sites at the time. The best thing about 123movies was the cost-free supply of thousands of movies and TV shows in high definition. 123movies did not host content on its servers but provided links to Movie Servers which hosted content like Movies and TV shows. 123movies was both diverse and versatile in meeting the needs of its users. It contained all sorts of movies and TV show genres to be compatible with various tastes of the public. These may be neck-breaking action-adventure scenes, mind-boggling mysteries, and crimes, breath-taking Horror movies, Rib-splitting Comic episodes, heart-throbbing romances, heartrending tragedies, and the list goes on.

Gave unlimited Free download experience

123movies provided these media materials without any limitations; the site never asked for subscription or registration fees or at least it did not request users to open an account for viewing and downloading movies or shows. Everything was going great for free movie lovers until the day came for the shutdown of the website. The problem was from the department of the legality of hosted content; 123movies rendered its users with links to media hosted on other servers. The questionable legal background of such movie servers became the root cause for 123movies termination. This is a common condition of free movie sites to bear a dubious record of resource procurement.

If such servers operate without a license to distribute media in contexts like this then they are at the risk of being penalized. 123movies was charged for conducting the public to such suspicious sources and the accusations were supported by another factor. That is, sites with free movies like this can be breeding places for malware and harmful content, as resources originate from unknown sources. Although this can be prevented with security software, it also supplemented the charges against the site.

Aftermath and Alternative Free Movie Sites

The reaction for the shutdown of 123movies caused users to seek alternatives. Various clone sites similar to 123movies began to emerge with changes in its domain name. This change of domains was a constant process to survive online because of the charges against 123movies. These clone sites may not be static or permanent ones as they get replaced by new 123movies domains all the time.

If you use one such clone site today you may not find it tomorrow. These zombie 123 movie sites are so unpredictable. Now, this is the good news, if you are a free movie lover and can’t live without them you can try 123movies best replacements. These 123movie alternative services will blow your mind, as they deliver the best movie streaming and downloading experience. We have listed these wonderful 123movie alternatives you can use without spending Money.

123movie Alternative Apps and Services

Mediabox HD

mediabox hd download

Mediabox HD is one of the best free movie apps that work on both android and iOS devices. It allows you to stream or download movies and TV shows in high definition. It is completely free for download and installation without any hidden charges. Mediabox HD implements direct streaming instead of painful torrent streaming. The platform allows you to download movies and TV shows at ultra-fast speed, giving you the best stream sources from high-performance servers. You can use Mediabox HD on your Android or iOS device without rooting or jailbreaking them.

MediaBox HD Download Free

MediaBox HD

Mediabox HD doesn’t require you to subscribe, register, or use Apple ID to use the app. The platform supports more than 50 languages and more are added frequently.  There is a separate section where you can request Movies/Shows, and subtitles. The app delivers a solid performance with its awesome inbuilt media players such as VLC player, MX Player, Exo Player. You can also use external video players to run media. The platform also supports wifi-sharing, Chromecast, Roku, FireTV, Smart-TV & more.

You can customize and personalize the way you perceive stuff on Mediabox HD. For example, you can change themes, adjust font size and colors, etc. Mediabox HD can run on systems other than Android or iOS such as Windows and Mac but you need emulator programs like Bluestacks to make it functional. You can get VIP access by paying some few bucks, and you are allowed to access exclusive features of the service. Click above to know everything about Mediabox HD and get download links.

Moviebox Pro

Moviebox Pro download

This is another great platform to watch movies and TV shows on mobile. It contains over 15000 movies and TV series which you can watch or download for free. The platform is daily updated with new content and so you will be able to dive deep in an ocean of movies and TV shows. It offers high-speed download and playback without waiting. You can run Moviebox Pro on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android smartphone & TV or any computer without any issue.(Note – When using this app on some systems other than iOS or Android you may need an emulator program. For instance, using MovieBox pro on windows and Mac platforms.

MovieBox Pro Download Free

moviebox pro

By using Moviebox pro you can stream movies and download them without any payment. With Moviebox Pro you can get high-speed download without waiting ( the app uses server links with Global high-speed CDN network). The app, unlike some other services, doesn’t place regional restrictions. It doesn’t censor content for certain geopolitical locations. The platform implements H265 latest encoding technology for compact size with a higher definition. It is also home to multiple language subtitles with speed adjustment and sharing.

Using Moviebox Pro you can create your own movie list and share it. You will find a user-friendly interface with smooth navigation. Moviebox Pro contains two versions such as free & VIP, in the VIP version you get higher definition media and better streaming experience with some other perks. You need not perform any extra stuff like jailbreaking or rooting your device to install Moviebox Pro. Click above to know everything about Moviebox Pro and get download links


Zinitevi download

Zinitevi Movie app houses a vast collection of Movies and TV shows categorized in diverse genres. You can get movies and TV shows in 720p and 1080p quality for free. You can watch or download your favorite movies and TV shows with iPhone, iPad, or Android Smartphone. The platform is fully compatible with both iOS (without jailbreak). Further, it supports streaming videos with Smart TV, Chromecast, Airplay, Roku, MiBOX, PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Laptop, MacBook, etc.

ZiniTevi Download Free


This operational capability is convincing evidence of the Zinitevi app’s versatility. The service is relatively new, yet it’s advancing to conquer great heights. The app regularly updates to keep up with the latest additions of movies and episodes. This platform supports downloading multiple videos in the background. You have favorite and history tabs to keep track of what you love and what you watch. You can sync the favorite list and history list to the cloud. Click above to know everything about Zinitevi app and get download links


123movies indeed created a big impact on the lives of movie fans. The fame of the site was too high to bypass the notice of law enforcement authorities. The fame of 123movies as a site with links to a bunch of questionable server sources made the platform to crumble both internally and externally. Its ultimate shutdown means there is no way to restore its former status due to the suspension from registering official domains.

However, 123movies has reappeared as cloned sites with similar interface designs and functional structure, but these sites are unpredictably changing without being static for a moment. This situation has given way to the mushrooming of 123movie alternative sites and apps with a great deal of variation. Some of them deliver even better service than 123movies. If you are a desperate 123movie fan and there is no way to appease your movie needs then you can try the above services. We assure you will not repent giving such services a try. You can find all information from the provided links.